Use WASD or arrow keys to move the character. is a multiplayer online survival game about humans versus zombies. Here, together with other partners, you will use the perspective of overlooking to cross the world in multiple rooms and eliminate all zombies in the world on the premise of keeping your safety.’s game settings

In, as a human survivor, you must take protective measures to prevent the arrival of zombies and kill them quickly. If the survivor becomes a zombie, then once it encounters other humans, humans will immediately become zombies. Therefore, as a human being, you must be on your guard.’s gameplay

Before the game officially starts, you can have 80 seconds to build a defence project. After the start, one survivor will become a zombie to infect other people. Therefore, when you are a human being, you should unite and cooperate with other survivors and live together in 90 seconds, then you can get points. In, points can be exchanged for weapons.’s game features

It is a set of exciting patterns, and defeating zombies can win. has a variety of skin and weapons to choose from to satisfy your thoughts and choices. And it is mini-environment combat experience.

Do you like to play role-playing games?  Or you can choose  Here you can become two kinds of characters, one is a zombie, the other is human.  No matter which side, you must do your duty well.  Zombies kill all humans, and humans do their best to resist zombie attacks.  Or choose a surgeon simulator.  You will play the role of a surgeon here, experience what a doctor needs to do every day and feel his difficulties.

Earn to die is a fascinating survival game.  You need to drive a car in the desert.  And to avoid the pursuit of zombies, can successfully survive.  Scrabble online is a puzzle game. It would be best if you reasoned words according to the clues he knows, and then fill in as many correct lyrics as possible.  In the case of troll face quest, you should pay great attention to your thinking.  It would be best if you used your brain to think and help the character solve his current difficulties and let him escape from the current challenges.